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The Science Behind Manward Digest

Become a Smarter, Richer and More Attractive Man… Before Most Men Are Out of Bed

Manward Digest is a free e-letter with a simple goal. It aims to enrich the life of every person who reads it. While the topics are aimed at men, we often boast that our content is “feminist approved.” In fact, some of our most ardent readers are women.

After all, the ideas and concepts that lead men to more fulfilled and enriched lives have proven quite attractive to the fairer sex.

As with all things at Manward Press, every issue of the Digest focuses on at least one of three critical ideas: Liberty, Know-How and Connections. We call them the Triad. Science has proven that men who master these three simple concepts live happier, wealthier and more successful lives.

As a Digest reader, you’ll learn how to get more done. You’ll learn how to earn more money – and the very best ways to invest it. You’ll learn how to survive natural disasters. And you’ll learn the secret to surrounding yourself with a rich network of friends and contacts.

Some subjects you may read about in Manward Digest include…

  • How to Survive an Economic Collapse
  • How to Find Food… Anywhere
  • The No. 1 (Easily Avoidable) Cause for Divorce
  • An Essential Tool for Every Man’s Toolbox.

And finally, there’s a good reason the Digest is broadcast at 5 a.m. As we say, it’s mailed as the roosters crow. It’s the ideal way to launch your day with a useful idea that will make you a richer, smarter and more successful man (and, yes, women can read it too).

Here’s what our readers are saying:

“I have never seen an essay as good as this one. In it truly are the four things a person must have to succeed in life.” – Reader N.G.

“What good advice. Thanks a lot. I really need it.” – Reader D.F.

“Andrew Snyder’s article ‘The First Rule for Winning Trades’ is one of the best pieces of investment advice ever given anywhere!!!” – Reader N.L.

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