Italian Court Rules: Cell Phones Cause Tumors

Thousands of studies have suggested that cell phones cause tumors (and possibly even cancer). Now an Italian court ruling is helping spread the unsettling truth…

By: Andy Snyder, Founder

Most folks missed it. But we recently got word of a major breakthrough in the court system.

Cell phones were legally linked to a brain tumor.

Get this… In a landmark victory, a plaintiff was awarded damages (hefty damages, in this case) because of the harm done by his cell phone.

Robert was just doing his job..

Day after day – for 15 years – he made business calls from his cell phone.

He spent hours with the device to his head, pressing it close to his ear just as folks have done for more than a century.

He didn’t think anything of it… until he started to have the feeling of his right ear being blocked all the time.

The tumor was diagnosed in 2010.

Today, Robert is completely deaf in his right ear. Doctors had to surgically remove his acoustic nerve as part of the large mass in his head. His company-issued cell phone was to blame.

With little other recourse, he sued.

He provided overwhelming evidence that his phone was the cause of the tumor. And he won.

“For the first time in the world, a court has recognized a causal link between inappropriate use of a mobile phone and a brain tumor,” Romeo’s lawyers said.

That’s huge.

But what’s even more interesting is that – even though he lost 23% of his bodily function – Robert is not against cell phone use. He merely wants folks to use some sort of protection. (We offer details for our favorite solution below.)

And while we hate to say it, based on our research, you can expect to hear plenty more stories like Robert’s in the future…

The Results Are Trickling In

We’re convinced this is just the start of it. We’re just now seeing the results of this grand experiment… and they aren’t good.

People are being hurt or even killed by their phones.

And here’s the kicker… we’re just know figuring it all out. Doctors believe it takes years before the damage a cell phone does to our bodies shows up. In Robert’s case, it took more than a decade.