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There’s a war going on. And it’s being waged on American soil.

And no, it doesn’t involve tanks, WMDs or F-16s. Nothing like that.

The warring factions are not countries. They’re cellphone companies. And AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint are prepared to fight until the last carrier is standing.

Of the four contenders, T-Mobile is easily the most aggressive. Since 2013, the “uncarrier” has been courting customers with unlimited data plans and no roaming fees.

But T-Mobile’s competitors are sharp. They know that smartphone users aren’t loyal. They’ll jump ship as soon as something better comes along.

Something faster, sleeker… or simply cheaper.

This is great news for savvy consumers. They can score an incredible bargain.

But what does it mean for investors?

If you want the details on these stocks, you should read our latest report, “Which Telecom Giant Is the Strongest Investment?

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