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A Note From the Founder

I founded Manward Press, the ultra-unique publishing company behind Manward Trader, as a full-on attack on the debilitating notion that modern men desperately lack the traits that science proves are necessary to live a fulfilled, successful life. After months spent living in Alaska’s wilderness, teaching men the vital skills and ideas they needed to thrive, it was my way of “scaling up,” going from changing hundreds of lives to changing hundreds of thousands of lives.

To bust through the barriers created by modern society, Manward focuses intently on just three scientifically proven ideas that all men must master in order to reach true fulfillment.

They are LibertyKnow-How and Connections.

Manward Trader focuses entirely on the idea of Liberty. While it’s true that wealth doesn’t buy happiness, there is no doubt that wealth leads to opportunity.

By focusing on the fastest-moving and most lucrative opportunities in the stock market, we find our odds of living a life of Liberty are dramatically improved.

Liberty and wealth walk hand in hand – history proves it.

– Andy

Your Online Experience

We often boast of the simple, easy-to-use nature of our website:

Everything you need is reachable with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Once logged in to Manward Trader, navigating your subscription is quite easy. Simply click the button that represents the information you’re looking for. Archives of every alert and report we’ve ever published are available. Plus you can access an updated version of the portfolio with a click of your mouse. Simply scroll up and down the page to find exactly what you’re looking for.


At least once each week – often more frequently – we’ll send you an alert. In most cases it will include a new “Buy” recommendation. Other times, it will be an update on one of our trading positions. While each new play is hand-picked to ensure a wide audience can make the trade, some trades will move quickly. After all, fast profits are our goal.

That’s why we encourage you to read all messages from us as quickly as possible. Much of what we send is time-sensitive.


Your subscription to Manward Trader includes access to every report we publish.

These reports often contain need-to-know information, stock market insight and commentary.

Some of the reports discuss specific stocks. Unless otherwise noted, the stocks discussed are not necessarily included in Manward Trader’s portfolios and therefore don’t receive as much in-depth follow-up. Think of it this way. Yes, it’s fun to look at and talk about fast cars, but we can do so without buying them. It’s the same with many of these unique investment opportunities. We can look without buying.

Making Your First Trade

We often hear from subscribers who, sadly, never make a trade. When we dig into it, we find that most folks want to follow our advice – after all, our success rate speaks for itself – but they’re too timid to make the move. They’ve never made a trade before and are nervous to make their first move in a quick, fast-moving play.

We get it.

In fact, we applaud their conservative approach to managing their money. After all, the green stuff is not easy to come by.

That’s why I tell every subscriber who’s not quite ready to jump into faster-moving trades to start with one simple move. I tell them to purchase just a few shares of one of the most liquid and cheap ETFs on the market… the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VOO).

The rationale is simple. It’s a low-risk way to get their feet wet.

Once that first trade is made, they quickly discover their fear and hesitation were for nothing.

It’s a perfect starter trade:

  • It’s cheap – an expense ratio of just 0.05% (cheaper than 95% of all similar funds).
  • It’s liquid – trading more than 2 million shares a day and holding more than $300 billion in assets.
  • It tracks the world’s premier benchmark – you won’t have any more worries about keeping up with the market when you own it.
  • It pays a nice dividend – roughly 2%.

If you have yet to make a trade entirely on your own… start with this one. You’ll soon see it’s quite easy… and you’ll soon be trading each powerful stock we recommend.

Options Plays

Many of the recommendations we make include an options play. Do not consider these recommendations mandatory. You don’t need to make them in order to receive extraordinary results. These positions are for speculative investors who are willing to risk more to make more – often much more.

It’s important to note that due to strong price fluctuations and widely varying entry prices for each investor, we do not track our options recommendations on the website. But we do track them internally and will provide necessary updates.

How Our Positions Are Tracked

We take great care in the way we track and record our positions. We want our published track record to match, or be as close as possible to, the real-world portfolios of our subscribers. Of course, that’s not always easy. Not all investors make the trade at the same time. Therefore not all entry and exit prices are the same. That’s why we record each trade 10 minutes after it hits our own inbox. We’ve found that to be the fairest method and is the most indicative of the prices our subscribers are recording.

Of course, if a stock or option does not trade under our specified buy price, we do not record it as an open position and will notify you accordingly.

Trailing Stops

A smart, reliable exit strategy is vital to any trading system. We almost exclusively follow a trailing stop strategy. And we take it quite seriously. If a stop is hit, our strategy mandates that we must sell… no questions asked.

We use the day’s final trading price for all stops. We do not use intraday prices. We’ve found that volatility within the trading day – think of any one of the recent flash crashes – can unduly force us out of a position. Instead, we stick with end-of-day pricing. If the stock ends the day below our stop price, we sell it the next day.

No exceptions.