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The Most Powerful Wave of Gold Buying Has Just Been Unleashed

June 17, 2019


The Most Powerful Wave of Gold Buying Has Just Been Unleashed

If we ever need more proof that money is Liberty… this is it.

It’s scary stuff.

Some folks will lose a lot of money. Their Liberty, of course, will follow.

Others will do well. Quite well.

Man has always thought he was smarter than nature. Look around and we see all sorts of examples – medicine, agriculture and, yes, money.

Our keepers have tried all sorts of tricks over the centuries. But nothing has been as grand as the experiment that started 116 years ago.

That’s when man decided he could control the economy… simply by controlling its banks and their money.

At first, the free markets didn’t like the idea all that much. We had a couple of recessions and then a grand ol’ depression.

But man didn’t give up… oh no, he rarely does.


Our money keepers went harder, with more manipulation and more rigging. Then, in 1971, they went all-in.

It was a good time to kiss gold goodbye. China was coming onto the scene and was happy to help.

It produced cheap goods (far cheaper than American factories could), and it sent them here by the boatload.

But that created a problem – at least for the free market.

The men behind the curtain, on the other hand, loved the “problem.”

As China sold us its goods, we sent boatloads of dollars back.

Not having much of its own economy, China couldn’t do much with those greenbacks… so it sold them back to Uncle Sam in the form of debt.

It’s the trade that’s made the world go ’round for the last 50 years.

It’s what Trump’s fighting. But nobody seems to care.

We say it’s not his tweets that should have folks worried.

There’s bigger news than that.

The latest math is not good, and this manmade mess could be on the verge of falling apart.

It’s what we told Manward Letter readers back in January in the pages of our annual “big prediction” issue.

We said China’s economy demands an end to this long-standing trade masquerade.

It can no longer remain in this marriage of convenience.


In the issue, we detailed the hundreds of billions of dollars the country is desperately spending as it works to create fresh trade opportunities. We showed how it’s trying to find new places to spend its money.

But we also uncovered faults in the plan… and we promised the China story would be the tale of the year.

We won’t brag.

But we will sound the alarm and tell you the numbers are getting worse.

China is fighting hard.

Its people may not be free, but the nation is dead set on its economic liberation.

Proof comes in the fact Beijing just wrapped up another month of spectacular gold buying – it’s now added to its stores every month since our bold prediction.

And it’s not buying just a few ounces here and there.

It bought more than 15 tons of gold – well over half a billion dollars’ worth.

Beijing has made it no secret that the country sees gold as the alternative to the world’s dependence on the dollar.


Of course, no currency is worth anything unless there’s a second party.

That’s where the numbers get even worse.

Russia is buying gold.

So is India.

And Turkey.

Ah, no big deal, right? Those are small fish in the global pond.

What about a big trade partner like Mexico? Yep, it’s buying.

In fact, it’s easier to say who isn’t buying gold.

That’s easy… Germany. As of the latest reports, it’s the only central bank reporting a decline in gold reserves. And some say its reserves fell only by a ton because the country is busy turning its gold into coins.

No matter… we have to give a nod to this trend. It’s the most powerful wave of gold buying we’ve seen since just prior to when Nixon shocked the market.

What’s happening stands to be quite powerful… perhaps even more shocking.

Like-minded Peter Schiff sums it up well.

“The days where the dollar is the reserve currency are numbered, and we’re going back to basics. You know, everything old is new again,” he said recently. “Gold was money in the past, and it will be money again in the future, and central banks that are smart enough to read that writing on the wall are increasing their gold reserves now.”

But we’ll take it a step further.

These banks aren’t just following the herd. They’re fighting for their Liberty.

They, too, know they’ll never be free when America is in charge of their money.

Nobody is free when another man is in charge of his money.

Liberty is at stake.

And we reckon it’ll get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

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