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The Secret Behind Our 310% Gain on Monday

August 17, 2018


The Secret Behind Our 310% Gain on Monday

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If you’re a longtime reader, you know we haven’t said much about bitcoin and its crypto brethren.

Honestly, we don’t know all that much about the subject – not many folks do. But that could soon change… and it has everything to do with something we do know about.

In fact, it’s something we know a lot about.

Take, for instance, the 310% gain Manward Trader subscribers raked in on Monday morning. They turned every $1 into $4 thanks to a rather peculiar indicator we’ve honed over the past two decades or so.

Follow the Money

It’s a tad complicated, but when we describe our system on the air or when we speak at conferences, we put it in the simplest of terms. It’s not always what we’re buying, we say; it’s who we’re buying alongside.

In the case of our huge gain this week, we bought alongside one of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet… Oprah Winfrey.

When the billionaire business tycoon joined the board of Weight Watchers (WTW) and bought 10% of the company’s shares, we knew the stock was off to the races.

Despite no real changes to the underlying business… despite Oprah’s lack of control over any of the day-to-day business… we knew the share price would soar simply because of who was buying and the bevy of investors that would follow her.

Remember, for all the hype and speculation on CNBC every morning, the markets move for just one reason. It’s the core of any economics lesson… supply and demand.

As Oprah and her legions of fans poured into the stock, demand soared and the TV icon got even richer.

Her initial stake of $43.5 million surged to more than $400 million. And investors with sharp enough vision to see it happening cashed in big time.


How It’s Done

Now, wise readers are skeptical.

Folks like Oprah don’t go turning around companies every day. That’s true. But folks do go rushing into stocks (and cryptocurrencies) every day.

To prove it, look at this chart. It shows the moment Oprah moved into Weight Watchers… and it shows the peculiar little indicator we use to track such things.

The critical point when demand eclipsed supply – when Oprah made her big move – is circled.

What’s key is that looking at the stock chart, we don’t see a whole lot. Shares didn’t start going higher until a couple of weeks after the crossover we’ve circled appeared.

That’s vital. It’s what a lot of investors can’t understand – that the supply/demand balance can shift before share price rises.

And when it does, folks have a very real shot at big gains.

Take a look at Teladoc (TDOC), for instance. Unlike Weight Watchers, we bet you’ve never heard of it. But with a gain of more than 540% since demand outstripped supply, it’s one of the best stocks of 2018.

Proving our point that breakouts like this happen all the time – no matter the size of the company – we’ll point to a chart that looks quite familiar…

This is why we’re quite excited by what’s happening in the realm of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

We all know last year’s frenzied surge was an anomaly. As investors realized the potential of a nongovernment currency, they went a bit nuts.

The market’s natural forces had a tough time keeping up with the latest developments.

But that’s changed.

The dust has settled.

And now, as our good friend (and phenomenal Connection) is eager to tell folks in his webinar next week, a fresh wave of investors – folks who were forced onto the sidelines during last year’s buying frenzy – are about to be unleashed.

In Adam’s words, record windfalls of Wall Street cash could pour into the crypto market on September 30.

In other words, the chart for bitcoin and select other cryptocurrencies will soon look just like those two moneymaking charts above.

That’s why we’re urging readers to tune in to his free webinar next Wednesday. It’s where Adam will detail the entire situation and exactly how to take advantage of it.

We don’t follow bitcoin all that much (at least not yet), but we have a great Connection who does.

Let’s take advantage of it.

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