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Facebook’s Latest Scheme to Get Your Data

August 8, 2018


Facebook’s Latest Scheme to Get Your Data

Lock up your money! We just got word of a dangerous new threat.

We’ve long cautioned about the fact that companies like Apple, Google and Amazon desperately want us to ditch our cash and instead rely on an all-digital financial network.

They tout the convenience of giving up physical money.

They tell us how much better life would be without the hassle of cash.

And they reveal all the features available to the folks who ditch real money and instead rely on their proprietary systems.

Well, friend, it’s all bunk.

All they want is power.

Here’s proof.

We just found out that Facebook has reached out to large banks across the country and is asking them to share “detailed financial information” about their customers.

It wants to get its hands on your account balances… where you’re spending your money… and, of course, how much you make each month.

If that’s not scary enough, Wall Street rewarded the company for the news.

Shares rose more than 4% after it was revealed.

That’s scary stuff. And, we’ll warn you now, it won’t turn out well.


When Will We Learn?

Let’s not forget that it was just a couple of months ago when Facebook was forced to explain its sorry self to the fine folks on Capitol Hill. Washington wanted to know just how Cambridge Analytica was able to misuse the data for some 87 million users.

It didn’t have much of an answer, other than to say it will try not to let it happen again.

And yet, at the same time it’s apologizing for a major mess, we now learn it was knocking on the doors of banks and asking for the most sensitive of all data.

But notice… it didn’t ask you.

Oh, no. When you signed up for the bank’s all-electronic system, you signed away your privacy. Same with Facebook. They can do what they want with your spending and personal data… at least until the people wise up and tell them to stop.

Let’s not forget what Facebook is… a data collection hub.

We heard from a young (and oh-so-naïve) girl last week who told us, “Facebook wouldn’t post advertisements if it didn’t have to.” It only does it, she said with a straight face, to pay for its platform.

We pray she didn’t take out a loan for that sort of education.

Poor thing.

The truth, in fact, is just the opposite. If Facebook could get your data without having to deal with the hassle of the social platform, it most certainly would.

It’s a data company, pure and simple. And the more data it gets on you, the richer it gets.

Just Getting Started

Nearly every week, we take to this column and muse about the connections between our wealth and our Liberty. They walk hand in hand.

But now that Facebook is likely to get its hands on your banking data, that connection is in grave danger. Your financial data – you know, the stuff that’s always been taboo to talk about in public – will now be open to the highest bidder.

Let’s not forget, Facebook won’t be the end user of your information. Far from it. It wants your banking (and health!) data so it can peddle it to anybody who’s willing to pay for it.

It’s trouble.

Don’t stand for it.

But here’s the scariest part… Washington is in favor of this move. In fact, we expect an announcement on September 26 that will spark a shift in the way we use money that’s larger than anything we’ve seen in history.

They want to outlaw America’s No. 1 asset.

It’s all about gaining control over you and your money.

But there is a way out. It involves a simple five-step plan.

We’ve outlined everything you need to know. Simply click here.

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