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Add Years to Your Life by Bucking This Deadly Modern Trend

August 24, 2018


Add Years to Your Life by Bucking This Deadly Modern Trend

We got the news yesterday that so many folks have expected.

Life expectancy across the world’s most developed countries is falling.

It has everything to do with the ideas we ponder each morning.

Liberty. Know-How. Connections. The latest study shows our beloved Triad is a lifesaver.

Out of 18 high-income countries (including the U.S.), researchers found men were dying younger in 12 of them.

“This hasn’t occurred in decades, and the size of these most recent declines were larger than prior declines,” said Jessica Ho, one of the study’s authors.

What’s crazy is what’s killing these folks.

It’s not what you think. It’s not old age that’s getting them… it’s being young.

Our Next Series

“Something far-reaching is affecting the health of Americans in the prime of their lives,” said lead author Dr. Steven Woolf.

Drugs… suicide… early onset heart and lung issues. They’re all culprits.

Folks are kicking the bucket at a younger and younger age, and the researchers came to just one conclusion. It’s something in our social structure.

They blame a lack of social mobility, loneliness and income inequality.

All are familiar topics… and all can be pushed aside with a healthy concentration of our Triad.

It’s why we’re introducing a fresh series today. Building on the ideas we pondered in our highly popular Franklin series (look for our compilation of essays on Amazon soon), we’re taking things a step further.

You see, over the last few decades, we’ve noticed a scary trend.

Where men once knew a little about a lot, modern men know a lot about just one thing.

We’ve become a culture of specialists.

A century ago, for example, a man may have grown up on a farm. He knew how to grow his food, market his wares, fix his tractor, rewire his barn and even ponder what it all means on Sunday morning.

Today, though, so many men get their food from a box, they pay a mechanic to fix their car (while acting like he speaks a different language), they panic when the lights go out and they watch football on Sundays.

The modern man pays somebody to do something while he focuses solely on a specialty of his own.

We now know… it’s killing us.


A Man o’ Plenty

As you know, we spent most of our career in the money game. When it comes to wealth… diversification is key.

We put a bit of money in that… some in this… and we keep a little over here, just in case.

If we do it with our money, why in the world wouldn’t we do it with our precious Know-How? Why would we ever want to specialize in just one thing – a thing that could go bust with the next crazy whim of Father Economy?

It’s just plain dumb.

And it’s precisely why we believe so many men are suffering today. Thanks to a lack of diversification, either they’ve never found their specialty or the hands of time have stolen it from them.

It leads to depression, anger and all-around bad health.

For an example, simply open today’s newspaper. You’ll see what we mean.

That’s why each week for the next month or two, we’ll focus on history’s greatest polymaths – men who refused to specialize and, instead, used their highly diversified knowledge to do great things.

Ben Franklin’s one of them.

So is Elon Musk.

Leonardo da Vinci… Charles Darwin… Bill Gates… Bertrand Russell… Howard Hughes… Warren Buffett… and even, dare we go there, Donald Trump are all men with wildly diverse “portfolios” of knowledge.

They used them to do incredible things.

They would all agree it wasn’t a single specialty that led them to greatness. It was a well-rounded understanding of many things.

It was Paul Tudor Jones, a polymath if there ever was one, who said, “Intellectual capital will always trump financial capital.”

In other words, it’s not what we know… but how much we know.

We diversify our financial assets. Why not diversify our Know-How?

If we’re right, it just may add some years to your life.

Something is killing men at earlier and earlier ages. We now know it’s not medicine that will save them.

It’s our Triad.

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