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How to Get What You Want

August 20, 2018


How to Get What You Want

Do you feel good when you get what you want?

Are you like 84% of other Americans who believe more money leads to more freedom?

Yes… and yes.

If we gave you some free financial advice (advice that most folks pay us thousands of dollars for), would you take it?

And do you believe it takes money to make money?

Yes… yes… yes… and yes.

If you’re nodding along to the questions above, you’ve just witnessed the potential of one of the most powerful persuasive tools on the planet.

It’s called the “yes ladder.”

Get folks to say yes to enough easy questions and the chances of them saying yes to the hard questions soar.

Mind Games

We get it. We understand why you’d say yes to those questions.

It’s simply human nature.

And if you’re breathing a sigh of relief with those last few lines, you just saw the power of another incredibly valuable persuasion technique.

By showing empathy for the other side, we help them relax their guard. We build trust.

It’s a technique that the nation’s law enforcement officers (at least the good ones) use every day. When a situation gets hairy, they’re trained to quickly turn down the heat with a few powerful statements.

“I understand why you’re upset. I get it. I really do,” they say. “But do you mind if I share my perspective?”

Try it… It works wonders.

Pay Your Dues

Our point this morning is quite simple. Our Triad hinges on the depth of our Liberty, our Know-How and our Connections.

The more we have of each of them, the happier and more successful we’ll be.

And nothing goes further to enhance all three like the ability to effectively communicate and persuade.

Some folks may think these “tricks” are unethical. Some may feel too timid to use them.

They’re both wrong.


Using the simple tricks above and the clever ones I’m about to reveal is no different from picking the right tool from your toolbox.

They simply get the job done… better.

For example, we were in a room recently with Daymond John, the ultra-rich businessman and ruiner of so many dreams on the popular TV show Shark Tank.

He highlighted one of the simplest ways to get what you want.

Pay for it.

In this instance, John was telling us about his early days as an entrepreneur. He begged folks to take him under their wing. He wanted advice from the best of the best.

But they didn’t pay attention to him. He was just another broke kid from the streets of New York.

They wanted nothing to do with him.

That’s when he opened his checkbook. He didn’t have much money to give, but it was his only shot. He paid his “mentors” for their advice. From there he built a relationship, garnered their trust and built life-long partnerships.

John said that small initial outlay was the best investment he ever made.

It was the cost of admission. From there, his smarts and tenacity did the rest.

But we’re not talking only about paying for advice or some other service.

Far from it.

Get this. A recent study had a restaurant waiter give some diners a couple of mints as he handed them the bill. Others got none.

As we’d expect… the folks who got the mints paid more. Tips increased by 14%.

In other words, it takes money to make money.

But it gets better. The researches then had the waiter give the table just one mint. From there, he’d start walking away but quickly return to excitedly give the diners a sort of “bonus” mint.

It paid off. Tips soared by 21%.

That’s a fine return on a nickel’s worth of mints.

Here’s another trick… ask for an exception.

Get What You Want

Let’s say you’re negotiating for a new car. You’ve been a loyal customer to the dealership for years and feel you should get the upgraded floor mats for free.

But the young salesman says they never give them away – that they always charge an extra $150.

Most folks would likely walk away at this point or they’d negotiate a lower price.

But smart buyers would ask for an exception.

“Can’t you give me an exception this one time, John,” you ask, wisely adding in the salesman’s name as an extra trust builder. “I’m a loyal customer, and really, what would a one-time exception hurt?”

The chances are high that you’d be driving home with fancy new floor mats.

Try it.

Here’s one more. Use the word “because.”

Tell the salesman exactly why you want those fancy floor mats.

“Because I live on a farm, those heavier mats would save a lot of wear and tear.”

Nobody’s really sure how it works, but clearly stating the “why” behind your demand has been proven to knock down a lot of barriers.

And here’s one last way to get what you want. Once we reveal it, you’ll see it all over the place.

Use the power of conformity.

Convince the other side that everybody else is doing it.

Tell that car salesman that the dealer down the street upgrades floor mats for free. Or show the prospective buyer that thousands of folks have already bought your product. Or tell your doctor to run the extra test because it’s quickly becoming standard practice.

These ideas aren’t unethical. They simply ensure you get what you want.

And you want that, right?

Everybody else sure does.


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